How Escape Rooms Have Become The New Platform To Socialize?

We can all agree to the fact that while technology has helped us connect, it has distanced us from others. There is something fundamentally wrong when we find it easier to talk to people over texts rather than meet someone. What was meant to help deal with anxiety and fear of interaction has become a norm?   

The lack of interaction and socialization is becoming more and more apparent. But all is not bad. Technology has also allowed us to spend time with people in our unique little ways. Whether it is over video calls, a couple of matches of CS: GO or CoD, or even escape room.  


Games do tend to stand out in this regard. Most of us form some sort of bond with our online buddies. This is true for people going to escape rooms as well. We tend to form a special bond with people who enjoy escape rooms with us. Escape rooms are one of the few interesting places in modern times where interaction is needed and a must.  

Escape rooms thus present us with a great situation where we can socialize with our peers. Whether it is our co-workers, family, friends, or lovers, escape rooms are perfect for mingling. The characteristics and features of escape rooms make this possible. The fact that you are in an enclosed room with challenging puzzles and riddles to solve in time. Team and co-operation are necessary to even escape on time.   



Escape rooms have further evolved to include even digital escape rooms in their fold. While digital escape rooms certainly lack physical interaction, they function quite similarly. This ability of escape rooms is even recognized by top corporate firms. Many multinational corporations now conduct team-building exercises in escape rooms. It is evidence of the fact that escape rooms help in the development of soft skills and improve teamwork. 


If you would like to know more about how escape rooms are becoming a platform to socialize, keep reading. Below are a few ways in which escape rooms have developed as a platform for social interaction. 

1.                  Escape rooms teach respect 

Escape rooms are the last place you want to shine alone. What is essentially a team game, individualistic behavior would be looked down upon by others. Everyone should work together to solve puzzles and other challenges. This means that everyone must contribute to the game and learn to respect others’ contributions. This respect is necessary if everyone wants to win the game. Teamwork and communication cannot take place without mutual respect being established first.  

2.                  Building bonds 

We remarked how escape rooms help in building bonds above. Let us expand on that. Escape rooms require people to work together. Not only that but there is a common objective and the same goals to achieve. Thus, every player must work together to be successful. When you take part in such an activity with your friends, family, or anyone, you gain trust and respect.  This leads to better coordination, communication and even in failure, you learn to enjoy.  

3.                  People learn to communicate 

Communication is an important soft skill that is needed in each and every phase of our lives. We learn to communicate as children from our parents while the latter part of our lives is dominated by our peers. However, some people still lack this skill. Escape rooms are excellent to develop this skill. Not only do you get a chance to learn from other people, but you become more confident about when to speak and what to speak.  


Escape rooms thus are great for breaking the ice between new staff and old staff for corporations. It is also a great idea to go to an escape room for a date. Parents and children too can improve their bonds through constant communication.  



4.                  Learn teamwork and co-operation  

This is the primary reason why education institutes and corporate offices are turning to escape rooms. Teamwork and co-operation/coordination is important skill and virtue to have nowadays. No one likes a selfish individual working alone. 



Escape rooms utilize a number of puzzles, obstacles, and riddles to force players to rely on others. This builds and improves teamwork while simultaneously keeping everyone engaged. Thus, everyone is conditioned to work together. Engagement is preferred, and team support is encouraged.   


In a lot of ways, the escape room is a traditional sport. You work in teams, build camaraderie and win things together. While it is always stated that you should take people you know to escape rooms like breakout escape rooms, it can often be a good place to meet strangers with similar interests.  

Escape rooms in the above-mentioned 4 ways provide a good platform for socializing. This type of causal interaction is missing from a lot of our routine activities. It will be a good practice to include escape rooms into the mix.